Summer retreat and climatic health resort

The town of Gohrisch has been known and popular as a summer retreat and climatic climatic health resort since the founding time. It is located in the heart of the Saxon Switzerland National Park with its bizarre rocks and romantic valleys. Not far from the Bastei and Königstein Fortress.

Gohrisch is ideal as a starting point for hiking or cycling tours. On foot you can reach almost all destinations of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. You can quickly reach Bad Schandau or Königstein. From here you can take the S-Bahn in the direction of Dresden and you can also comfortably explore the landscape with the Sächsische Dampfschifffahrt up or down the Elbe.

Ferienhof "An der Weide"

Lutz Oswald
Neue Hauptstraße 114
01824 Kurort Gohrisch

Lutz Oswald Tel. 0163 - 7004203